Museum collection

You can view the collection of the Andrejs Upīts Memorial Museum at The museum contains the following collections: Photo, Audio, Video, Handwriting, Work of Art, Memorabilia, Book, Document, and Correspondence. There are in total 33,718 stock units in the Andrejs Upīts Memorial Museum in Riga and Skrīveri.

The Andrejs Upīts Memorial Museum has included information on 24,795 collection units on the website. This website is a museum collections database developed by the Andrejs Upīts Memorial Museum, the Latvian Museum of Architecture, the Latvian Museum of Natural History, the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Latvian National History Museum, the Ojārs Vācietis Memorial Museum, the Tukums Museum and others. This website offers both textual and visual information about the museum collections.

The Andrejs Upīts Memorial Museum has included information on this website on 26,124 units of the museum’s collection. Most of the information concerns the unexposed stock units. The project National Museum Collection (NMC) Catalogue is included in the national program Development and Improvement of the Basis for Electronic Government Infrastructure. The aim of the project is to enable public access to the National Museum Collection by exploring the capabilities of information technologies.