Andrejs Upits’ memorial museum

Andrejs Upīts Memorial Apartment in Riga at 38 Brīvības Street, Flat 4

The Memorial Museum of the writer Andrejs Upīts (1877-1970) was established in 1972. It is located in the writer’s former apartment in Riga at 38 Brīvības Street, Flat 4, , and has been open to the public since 4 December 1974.

Together with his family, Andrejs Upīts moved into this apartment in January 1951 and lived there for the last nineteen years of his life. The building was built in 1911 according to design by architect Ernsts Pole, and was intended to house a bank and several apartments on the top floors. The museum has three memorial rooms open to its visitors: the study, the guest room, the dining room and the open guest room/exhibition hall where exhibitions and events take place. All the furnishing, household items, photographs and, in particular, the library containing more than seven thousand books reflect the personality and working style of Andrejs Upīts.

Andrejs Upīts Memorial House and Garden in Skrīveri, 58 Daugavas Street

The museum also has a subdivision, the Andrejs Upīts Memorial House and Garden, which the writer granted to the state in 1952.

The first house of Andrejs Upīts was built in 1908. The garden surrounding the house is a part of Andrejs Upīts’ creative work and helps us to more clearly understand his entire life’s work. The garden planted by the Green Land (Zaļā zeme) author reveals one of the sources for the national touch in Andrejs Upīts’ literary work.

The building that now houses the museum was built in 1921, on the foundations of Andrejs Upīts first house.